70 $ /hour

Develop your expertise and knowledge of WordPress! A single training session can teach you the WordPress fundamentals that will greatly facilitate the achievement of your online objectives!


Whether just beginning or already advanced, our training is customised and designed according to your specific needs. Well-structured and documented, our training answers whatever type of questions you may have or issues you are facing.

We frequently support IT managers overhauling the website of their companies. Our specific trainings help them personalise their WP graphical templates, integrate new site functionalities (such as ecommerce for ex.), etc. We also advise on the right choices for your site to help you launch and sustain your projects.

Walili Technologies training sessions expose you to the foundational knowledge and concrete guidance necessary for the optimal management of your WordPress site. They serve a practical purpose every time; whether technical, professional, for business leads, or design related, their aim is to help you take full advantage of WordPress for the achievement of your business objectives, as easily as possible.