70 $ /hour

A full, safe, and professional migration, regardless of the CMS of origin.


A professional migration is a service that requires flawless execution under delicate circumstances. We often support clients who have lost contact with their website supplier (company, or original designer of their site) or who are dissatisfied with them. With 11 years of experience, we can support our clients effectively, at every step on the way, thanks to a precise, tailored action plan.

Regardless of company size (SME’s, multinationals), our migration approach involves the complete capture and retrieval of your data (Web pages, blog items, database, emails, etc.). We optimise your web communications by ensuring that your site is adapted to market trends and current web-user behaviours.

Regardless of the CMS of origin you are migrating from (Joomla, Drupal, etc.), AdminPress can support you in regaining control over your website by executing this transition at your convenience.