We at Walili Technologies enjoy training our clients by answering their questions clearly and intelligently. Our philosophy is that a good customer service comes with clear and comprehensive information.

We invite you to read up on our Frequently Asked Questions? below. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or specific questions regarding your web project.

  1. Why trust you, rather than another Web agency?

    We form an effective team, passionate about the web. Our team has been working in web consulting for over 10 years and we show speed and rigour that our clients enjoy.

  2. Who am I going to need to speak to at Walili Technologies, during the engineering of my website? And will I be able to rely on a customer support contact, to follow up on my online project?

    Walili Technologies is a web service built on a flexible structure favouring a simplified customer service. Whatever your needs or projects, you will only ever deal with one resource person, who will know your project inside out. That means before or after the creation of your website, or later plugins. This structure allows for a close relation with our clients. We are more reactive and can address their specific challenges in a bespoke manner, every time.

  3. How long does it take to complete a website?

    Walili Technologies does the conception of your website in 2 to 5 days. However this estimate depends on the website complexity, and the options that you select. As a rule, we do what is necessary, to have an online demonstration to show you, within 3 days.

  4. Once my project delivered, will you be available to do the modifications, or changes that I will invariably need to bring to my WordPress website?

    If you follow our training (“Mastering WP” ?) included in all our web services, you will easily be able to do these updates by yourself.
    You will not need to learn Web development, nor any complicated technical operations. You will also not need us when it comes to adding or modifying content (text, videos, images, etc.)

  5. Do you manage the technical aspects of my website hosting? Or of my WP blog hosting?

    Absolutely. You will never have to concern yourself with the hosting. Our role is also to ensure follow ups in terms of upgrades, security and maintenance of the hosting servers powering your WP sites and projects. All year round we ensure that hosting servers run as powerfully as possible, making your sites as fluid as possible in terms of loading times and user experience.

  6. I never administered or even updated a WordPress website. What trainings are included in your services?

    Each of the packages or packaged services we offer includes a one-on-one “turnkey” training, which can be done to your preference, in your premises, and/or at a time of your convenience.
    The training is delivered directly from inside your own WP back-end administration interface, to give you a fully real-life, and hands on training, to maximise information retention and later ease of use. The training lasts two hours during which you will discover the basis needed to manage your WP website smartly and confidently.
    If you wish to train to expert levels, other training modules can be added or followed up on (ask for a specific quote).

  7. Is it possible for my WP website to be delivered “turnkey” to me, completely functional (with emails pre-set, hosted, SEO-ready, with content filled, etc.)?

    Yes, and it is actually one of our major strengths. We offer a complete service that will include everything from conception of your website, to its actual launch online. This means that you can check on our progress right from the start, thanks to a bespoke URL link that we will send you (not visible to anyone else but you). This way you can communicate your feedback and requests for change as early as possible and all along the development.
    Once finished, your website is delivered to you, fully functional. We can create your email addresses and set up your WP parameters for optimal performance / best practices (for ex. How often do you back-up data on your servers, etc.)
    During the final training, we can do all the final, fine tuning that you wish us to. In short, you have nothing to do, save expressing your feedback and preferences to us.

  8. Is the WordPress back-end system interface, really that easy to use?

    Yes, absolutely. This is actually probably the main reason behind the success of WP: It is very easy to use, yet powerful. It allows hobbyists and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to start a business or a project online. The interface dashboard is intuitive to use, and ergonomically designed, making your learning curve on the system very fast. Someone without any experience will only need a minimum of training and support. Further, our “Turnkey” training module is designed to help you.
    Finally, WordPress regularly runs system updates and back-ups of your content data, so you can never really lose much data, the whole system is conceived for peace of mind!

  9. Will you always be available to make changes, or upgrades, or maintenance on my website?

    Absolutely. We ensure that we give a very reactive service to our clients, for each of their projects. After going online, we will support your growth, maintenance, plugins management, as need be, and depending on the support package you chose. We charge maintenance by packaging a number of support hours that you can use at your preference (training, support, execution of certain tasks) so that you can focus on your business, and have online peace of mind…
    Typically our clients hire us in the longer run, to carry out hosting management, platform updates and upgrades, debugging and quality assurance. We can manage all of the above for about $90 / month. We are also available to give you updates by phone, Monday-Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

  10. Can you also help us with the choice and purchase of a domain name?

    Absolutely. We not only support you in the securing of a domain name, we also advise you on the pertinence of this domain name considering your online strategy and objectives. We help you find a name, that will help your positioning and online visibility. We also advise you on the possible / recommended extensions you may also need to buy (.ca, .com, .net, etc.)

  11. My domain name is already registered, can I still use it so that you can create my WordPress site on it?

    Yes it is possible and completely free. We transfer the administration of your existing site on our servers (those one which we will host your WP website). It is a common procedure that we can do very easily. All you will need to do is communicate to us a few settings and data parameters, that your ex hosting supplier will give you easily, for us to complete the transfer.