Jaco is officially the name of the latest version of the CMS launched by WordPress, with the objective of paying tribute to the famous bassist Jaco Pastorius. This new update is the result of the contribution of 327 volunteer developers, to further strengthen the security of this new version, and correct any errors or configuration problems.

In this new update, the “Health Site”, which you will also find in version 5.1, has seen several improvements that allow users to find more flexible solutions to recurring configuration problems. In the event of a problem occurring on the site, the features allow users to delete an extension or theme and directs them to the possibility of migrating the site to HTTPS or updating the PHP.

Another pleasant innovation: the “Health Site” features now have the power to put your site in recovery mode. In other words, the themes and extensions that cause the errors will be temporarily disabled. In addition, developers have access to a space to inform about debug information and notify maintenance managers.

Roughly, the “Health Site” can diagnose your site, highlight major issues and provide recommendations for improvements, as well as textual explanations for implementing these recommendations.



Protect against PHP errors

The new WordPress 5.2 update also helps protect the usage against PHP errors, allowing it to “Control and correct errors that cannot be avoided without requiring development time”. This version is thus a great service to inexperienced users, who can also solve problems that interfere with the handling of the website.

The new version also brings an interesting innovation: The new icons integrated in the dashboard, as well as the signature of the packages updates to ensure the compliance of the package before its application, and the ease of anticipating attacks by supply chain on WordPress sites.

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