In 2018, during the WordCamp US, it was announced that the WordPress plugin has taken its first steps by integrating beta developers and aims to support the owners of websites to control firstly the products and tools offered by Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense and PageSpeed Insights.

The Google Site Kit wishes to enter several properties:

  • Administration and management of websites using Search Console.
  • The use and configuration of AdSense and Google Analytics to understand browsers on websites and monitor the earnings of the administrators of these sites.
  • Understand the monetization process by preparing various aggregated or simple reports through AdSense and Google Analytics.
  • The continuous identification and monitoring of the critical performances of web sites through PageSpeed Insights.

The beta version of Google Site Kit will be available only to developers to test compliance with other plugins and will collect as many recommendations, feedback and commentary on the implementation as possible before making it globally available.

However, Google has clarified that the version currently available requires developer-specific know-how and familiarity with the OAuth and Google Cloud verification process.

However, the configuration version presented is not the final version that will be made available to WordPress users.

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