It’s now officially done, Automattic, the parent company of WordPress and WooCommerce , officially owns Prospress. The range of plugins proposed by the latter remains very varied, but the “WooCommerce subscriptions” is the major motivation behind this acquisition. It is a very useful plugin for webmasters, since it allows the flexible management of recurring payment and subscription services.

“Today, we announce with joy the acquisition of Prospress by Automattic and the beginning of a series of close collaborations with WooCommerce , with the aim of unifying the subscription experience. At the same time, we express our support for Prospress’s other products and their continued development”, declares the blog of Automattic.

For its part, Prospress founder Brent Shepherd guarantees that the same team will continue to support and develop the same code base, and that Prospress’s tools’ functionality will not change, at least in the short term.

Next integration with

On the other hand, in the long run, Prospress will closely monitor how its subscription management services will integrate Automattic’s “unique resources” to ensure the creation of better products.

“In clearer terms, this situation involves focusing on processing payments, or integrations with different platforms such as WordPress. However, WooCommerce and subscriptions require the resolution of several aspects, to guarantee their evolution in the best conditions” adds the founder of Prospress. “Interestingly, these challenges are almost the same for both code bases. By unifying efforts, I hope I can do a great job of implementing solutions in a short amount of time”.


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